Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Miss Direction

If only it was this easy every day...

As a dispatcher, I have to make sure that all my truck drivers know how to get to their jobs. The biggest problem that I have is, they will sometimes ask me, "Do I turn by the BP station?" or "Isn't that out by So-and-So's Restaurant?"

Seriously, now, guys. I. NEVER. LEAVE. MY. OFFICE. And when I do, I am heading west back to home and God's Country, not where our jobs are located. Nevertheless, 99% of the time I am spot on for getting them where they need to go. Thank goodness for Flashearth! And every once in a while I just get lucky.

This morning, I had a customer trying to give directions to a job that doesn't actually have an address, he can't remember the street names and really has no talent for giving directions. Then, out of his mouth comes the one little piece of information that just nails it for me.

RM: Hey, do any of you guys know where Black Jack's is in St. Charles?
4 drivers in unison: The strip club????

Honestly, if all of our jobs were either next to a strip club or a bar, they wouldn't even need me.


At 9/26/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You....are brilliant!!

I'm so puttin' you on speed dial on the new corp cell phone!



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