Friday, September 14, 2007

Collecting vs. Obsessing

Last night, Old Sarge and I went to the annual Whitetails Unlimited banquet. This is our fourth year there and much ritual has to be observed so that OS wins a gun every year.

First, we must stop at Arnie's Happy Spot Bar for a pre-banquet cocktail.

We have to sit with the same couples that we always have.

I must bid on duck decoys.

Then, and only then, will Old Sarge win a shotgun.


My brother was working late over by the Mississippi and had to meet us there, so no Arnie's for us.

We did find the couples we always sit with, though I'll be damned if I remember their names.

And I bid on decoys. Oh MY, did I bid on decoys. Silent auction and regular auction, I bid on every decoy I saw so that OS could win his gun.

Unfortunately, the end result? I have FIVE damn duck decoys, a shelf unit that looks like a boat, and a meat grinder. I have no idea how I managed that!

Old Sarge did not win a gun.

But he won a VERY nice bow!

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