Friday, September 07, 2007

Six Years

Six years now.

Six years ago, I was sitting at this same desk when the truck drivers started talking about a plane hitting the World Trade Center. Then another one. Then the Pentagon, and the plane crash in Pennsylvania. In less than an hour and a half, the world changed.

Six years ago, only my Eldest Son was in the military, a Marine stationed in Japan. I would not be able to talk to him for two weeks.

Six years ago, we gathered at the Pub, and I saw for the first time the footage from that day:

I asked my friend, a WWII veteran, “Is this how it starts?” He said, yes, this was how a war started.

Six years ago, we were sitting outside. The wide, blue Illinois sky was free of contrails. And then, a fighter jet passed over. In just two days, it had become strange to see a plane in the air.

Six years later, we are the only family for blocks that has an American flag out in front of the house.

Six years later, we are the only family in town with a Blue Star Banner that has three stars. We are preparing, (as if you truly can) for the fourth deployment of one of our sons next month.

Six years later, I get expressions of pity because I have children serving our country.

Six years later, I get rants of rage if I say that war was the best option of many bad choices.

What a difference one day can make.


At 9/07/2007, Blogger Army Wife said...

First off, I do not say this ENOUGH, thank you, and your family for their bravery, courage, determination, and sacrifice.

At 9/07/2007, Blogger ragingmom said...

I have lost your email address with the new computer, but thank YOU!!

At 9/08/2007, Anonymous Mrs. Who said...

Thank you both, RM and AWTM. You have more right than anyone to comment on 9-11 and all its aftereffects.

At 9/10/2007, Blogger That 1 Guy said...

Hey, RM... excellent post!

At 9/11/2007, Blogger Richmond said...

Wonderful post - thanks RM.

At 9/11/2007, Anonymous wRitErsbLock said...

thank you to you and your family for serving our country. And for flying our flag.

I will never forget.

At 9/11/2007, Blogger Lukie said...

Our flag flies high everyday. Thank GOD for you and your family.

At 9/11/2007, Blogger LZ Blogger said...

First of all... please except the extreme gratitude of this Vietnam Veteran to your family for the sacrifice that both you and your family members are making for those of us who can no longer serve our country. There are two quotes that seem appropriate here…

May God truly bless you all! ~ jb///

At 9/12/2007, Anonymous Jimbo - PRS said...

Very well said.


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