Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekends Are Made For Relaxing

Anyone have big plans for the weekend?

Just a little disclaimer here- my husband is wonderful. Really. He puts up with me and that takes a pretty big pair.


When I left for Texas, the house was reasonably clean, except for the dining room, where I have boxes and boxes of VF*n*W stuff I need to get organized.
And while I was gone, Old Sarge tore out one wall of lathe and plaster in the living room and put up drywall. I am pretty sure he must have cut the drywall inside, because there is dust.

We have alot of “stuff” from Old Sarge’s 20+ years of service. It all needs dusted. The drapes and blinds need washed. The ceiling fans. It will take me forever to locate and terminate with great prejudice all the dust.

Add to that, the green beans and beets are going crazy out in the garden and I HAVE to can them, immediately if not sooner.

We have weeds everywhere, in the driveway, up against the fence, all around the boat (which will most likely not get in the river this year), seriously, Jackass Acres looks like a dump.

If anyone knows of any itinerant workers who’d love to work in the “field” and take care of my lawn, I’d be much obliged.


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