Monday, May 28, 2007

In Memoriam

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Machinist Mate FA Bryant L. Davis, USN, 11-07-2001
SGT Jeanette L. Winters, USMC, 01-09-2002
PVT James H. Ebbers, USA, 10-14-2002
LTC John Stein, USAF, 03-23-2003
SSGT Jacob L. Frazier, USANG, 03-29-2003
PFC Adam L. Thomas, USA, 08-31-2003
SPC Wesley R. Wells, USA, 09-20-2004
CMDR Adrian B. Szwec, USN, 04-12-2004
SGT Kenneth G. Ross, USA, 09-25-2005
SFC James S. Ochsner, USA, 11-15-2005
SSGT Edwin H. Dazachacon, USA, 02-13-2006
CW2 Christopher B. Donaldson, USA, 05-05-2006
PFC Ryan C. Garbs, USA, 02-18-2007
PFC Daniel Zizumbo, USA, 02-27-2007
MSGT Wilberto Sabalu Jr., USA, 05-06-2007


CPT Ryan A. Beaupre, USMC, 03-20-2003
PVT Jonathon L. Gifford, USMC, 03-23-2003
CPL Evan T. James, USMC, 03-24-2003
SPC Brandon J. Rowe, USA, 03-31-2003
1SGT Edward Smith, USMC, 04-05-2003
SSGT Lincoln D. Hollinsaid, USA, 04-07-20003
LCPL Jakub H. Kowalik, USMC, 05-12-2003
LCPL Nicholas B. Kleiboeker, USMC, 05-13-2003
1LT Timothy L. Ryan, USMC, 05-19-2003
SSGT Andrew R. Pokorny, USA, 06-13-2003
SPC Corey A. Hubbell, USA, 06-26-2003
PVT Matthew D. Bush, USA, 08-08-2003
PFC Brandon Ramsey, USA, 08-08-2003
PFC Christopher A. Sisson, USA, 09-02-2003
SPC Ryan G. Carlock, USA, 09-09-2003
1LT Brian D. Slavenas, USANG, 11-02-2003
SPC John R. Sullivan, USA, 11-15-2003
SPC William D. Dusenberry, USA, 11-15-2003
PVT Scott M. Tyrrell, USA, 11-20-2003
SPC Uday Singh, USA, 12-01-2003
SSGT Michael J. Sutter, USANG, 12-26-2003
SGT Ivory L. Phipps, USANG, 03-18-2004
PFC Geoffrey S. Morris, USMC, 04-04-2004
CPL Forest J. Jostes, USA, 04-04-2004
PFC Gregory R. Goodrich, USAR, 04-09-2004
LCPL Phillip E. Frank, USMC, 04-08-2004
LCPL Torrey L. Gray, USMC, 04-11-2004
PFC Shawn C. Edwards, USA, 04-23-2004
SGT Landis W. Garrison, USANG, 04-29-2004
SSGT Oscar D. Vargas-Medina, USA, 05-01-2004
SSGT William D. Chaney, USANG, 05-18-2004
SPC Jeremy L. Ridlen, USANG, 05-23-2004
MAJ Paul R. Syverson III, USA, 06-16-2004
1SGT Ernest E. Utt, USA, 06-27-2004
SGT Christopher A. Wagener, USA, 07-01-2004
PFC Collier E. Barcus, USA, 07-08-2004
PFC Torry D. Harris, USA, 07-13-2004
LCPL Jonathan W. Collins, USMC, 08-08-2004
CPL Christopher Belchik, USMC, 08-22-2004
SPC Charles L. Neeley, USAR, 08-25-2004
SPC Charles R. Lamb, USANG, 09-05-2004
SGT SHawna M. Morrison, USANG, 09-05-2004
LCPL Drew M Uhles, USMC, 09-15-2004
SGT Benjamin K. Smith, USMC, 09-22-2004
2LT Ryan D. Leduc, USMC, 09-24-2004
SGT Jack T. Hennessy, USA, 10-01-2004
SPC Jessica L. Cawvey, USANG, 10-06-2004
SPC Jaime Moreno, USA, 10-13-2004
CPL Joshua D. Palmer, USMCR, 11-08-2004
LCPL Branden P. Ramey, USMCR, 11-08-2004
LCPL Nicholas D. Larson, USMC, 11-09-2004
SGT David M. Caruso, USMC, 11-09-2004
LCPL Aaron C. Pickering, USMC, 11-10-2004
LCPL Peter J. Giannopoulos, USMCR, 11-11-2004
CPL Matthew A. Wyatt, USMC, 12-03-2004
SSGT Donald B. Farmer, USA, 12-19-2004
LCPL Neil D. Petsche, USMC, 12-21-2004
LCPL Hector Ramos, USMC, 01-26-2005
CPL Nathaniel K. Moore, USMC, 01-26-2005
CPL Jonathon S. Beatty, USMC, 01-27-2005
CPL Christopher E. Zimney, USMC, 01-31-2005
LCPL Sean P. Maher, USMC, 02-02-2005
SGT Jessica M. Housby, USANG, 02-09-2005
CPL Kevin M. Clarke, USMC, 02-19-2005
CPL John T. Olson, USMC, 12-21-2005
SPC Jacob C. Palmatier, USA, 02-24-2005
SSGT Daniel G. Gresham, USA, 02-24-2005
2LT Richard B. Geinau, USANG, 02-27-2005
SPC Adriana N. Salem, USA, 03-04-2005
SGT Kenneth L. Ridgley, USA, 03-30-2005
PFC Wyatt D. Eisenhauer, USA, 05-19-2005
PFC Jeffrey R. Wallace, USA, 05-24-2005
SPC Brian M. Romines, USANG, 06-06-2005
PO1 Thomas C. Hull, USN, 08-02-2005
GYSGT Terry W. Ball Jr., USMC, 08-05-2005
SPC Miguel Carrasquillo, USA, 08-09-2005
1LT David L. Giaimo, USA, 08-12-2005
SPC Jeffrey A. Williams, USA, 09-05-2005
SSGT Gary R. Harper Jr., USA, 10-09-2005
SPC James T. Grijalva, USANG, 10-12-2005
1LT Debra A. Banaszak, USANG, 10-28-2005
SSGT Kyle B. Wehrly, USANG, 11-03-2005
SGT Joshua A. Terando, USAR, 11-10-2005
PVT Christopher M. Alcozer, USA, 11-19-2005
SGT Grzegorz Jakoniuk, USA, 11-30-2005
LCPL Adam W. Kaiser, USMC, 12-01-2005
LCPL Andrew G. Patten, USMC, 12-01-2005
SPC Brian A. Wright, USANG, 12-06-2005
SFC Shawn C. Dostie, USA, 12-30-2005
LCPL Jonathan K. Price, USMC, 01-13-2006
PFC Sean T. Cardelli, USMC, 02-01-2006
LCPL Philip J. Martini, USMC, 04-08-2006
SSGT Edward G. Davis III, USMC, 04-27-2006
SPC Ronald W. Gebur, USA, 05-13-2006
CPT Shane R. Mahaffee, USAR, 05-14-2006
PFC Caleb A. Lufkin, USA, 05-25-2006
PO1 Gary T. Rovinski, USNR, 06-05-2006
CPL Ryan J. Cummings, USMC, 06-03-2006
SGT Sirlou C. Cuaresma, USA, 06-21-2006
SSGT Mario J. Bievre, USA, 06-23-2006
CPL Ryan J. Buckley, USA, 06-23-2006
SGT Terry M. Lisk, USA, 06-26-2006
PO1 Jerry A. Tharp, USNR, 07-12-2006
SGT Bradley H. Beste, USA, 08-04-2006
SGT Steven P. Mennemeyer, USA, 08-08-2006
SPC Kristoffer C. Walker, USA, 10-02-2006
SPC George R. Obourn Jr., USA, 10-04-2006
LCPL Joshua M. Hines, USMCR, 10-15-2006
PVT Edwardo J. Lopez, USMC, 10-19-2006
SGT Thomas M. Gilbert, USMCR, 10-25-2006
CPT Travis L. Patriquin, USA, 12-06-2006
PFC William R. Newgard, USA, 12-29-2006
SRA Daniel B. Miller Jr., USAF, 01-07-2007
PO1 Jennifer A. Valdivia, USN, 01-16-2007
CPT Kevin C. Landeck, USA, 02-02-2007
SGT Pedro J. Colon, USA, 02-19-2007
SSGT Paul M. Latourney, USA, 03-02-2007
LCPL Raymond J. Holzhauer, USMC, 03-15-2007
PFC Lucas V. Starcevich, USA, 04-16-2007
LCPL Jesse D. De La Torre, USMC, 04-16-2007
PVT Cole E. Spencer, USA, 04-28-2007
LCPL Benjamin D. Desilets, USMC, 05-22-2007


At 5/25/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning.
Read your comment over on Bill's site about Ejectia. Hope to read more from you in the days ahead.
We too raise hogs, and have a garden.
I'm hoping we can do some "seminars" on things as canning, perserving, and how in the old days meat was saved using salt.

At 5/26/2007, Anonymous Mrs. Who said...

God Bless all of those men and women.

O God, by whose mercy the faithful departed find rest,look kindly on your departed veterans who gave their lives in the service of their country. Grant that through the passion, death, and resurrection of your Son they may share in the joy of your heavenly kingdom and rejoice in you with your saints forever.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.



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