Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blown Away

Literally. The wind is coming out of the West at a steady 25 mph, with gusts over 35. My office door faces west. My feet are freezing.

I would not have thought it possible to get seasick in my car, but we was a'rockin' all the way in this morning. Green, I am.

Hopefully Young SGT and the Missus are having better weather as they arrive in Ft. Hood today. I have a feeling my beloved daughter-in-law will be less than ecstatic about Texas, but who knows?

They are calling for snow on Saturday. The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2007 is scheduled for Saturday morning. I was almost feeling sorry for whoever got to wear the bunny suit, but now, not so much. Playing Easter bunny in a warm fuzzy costume maybe the best gig that day.

Speaking of the bunny suit, (T1G is breaking out in a sweat) I have it sitting in a box in my living room; the tail needs a little repair because the little ones like to pull on it. The head is right on top, and The Heiress was casting many concerned looks at it this weekend. I almost was overtaken by pure evil and was going to grab the head by the ears and yell "Grandma killed the Easter Bunny! Bwahahaha!" just to see her eyes pop out on stalks, but thankfully decided against scarring the child for life.


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