Thursday, March 29, 2007

Care Package Time

The VF*n*W Auxiliary is getting ready to ship some boxes overseas in the next week or two, and we have a HUGE problem that I hope my dear readers (both of you) can help with.

We have a TON of stuff to ship out, but very few names. In fact, I have only two names right now from our area, and it seems a shame to have all these obscene amenities sitting around.

If you know of anyone who could use a care package, leave me a note in the comments. Please do NOT leave an address, I'll contact you for that.



At 3/29/2007, Anonymous LL said...

Hmmm, first of all, I never knew you had a blog. Secondly, did you try Thirdly, I have a couple of Marines who would probably hand out stuff to guys in their unit, BUT, they are both at fairly large bases and don't need things like hygiene items. Plus, I spoil the shit outta of 'em, so they really don't need ANYTHING. But if you need names of some Marines way out in the Shit, email me and I'll connect you with SK who has lots of babies who need some love.

At 4/01/2007, Anonymous rsm said...

here's my note!


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