Thursday, March 29, 2007

Language Alert

While perusing OPFOR this morning, I found this link to an opinion piece by another military mom, Cathy Floyd. She states very nicely some of the concerns we have about future deployments:

Meanwhile, those who have sent them to war have turned on them. That includes our politicians and many of the American public who are more wrapped up in and knowledgeable about the Anna Nicole saga than they are about the history of this great nation and the threats we now face.
Two hundred and eighteen gutless fat cats in Congress have passed a bill telling the world that we are quitting in less than 18 months.

Now, let me get this straight: We're going to put our men and women in danger every minute for 17 months but we have no objective other than to leave?

Why not leave now if we are just throwing in the towel?

Why not indeed?

If, despite the fact you bastards gave Gen. Petraeus this big thumbs up, you are completely convinced there can be no victory in the Long War, why the hell are you waiting? Don't have the courage of your convictions?

These assholes in Congress remind of a character you see so often on TV- pants wetting pussies holding a pistol in their shaking hands, threatening to shoot, but never having the balls to do it.

"I s-s-s-swear, I-I-I'll pull the t-t-t-trigger!"

Great. Isn't enough that our kids are facing Islamifascists that DEFINITELY know how to pull the trigger without Congress yelling, "Look at me! Look at me!"? What's the message here?

"We don't want anymore soldiers killed in the name of Iraqi Freedom, but in the meantime while we posture and tell everyone how much we support the troops, we're going to let you hang in the wind for seventeen months, ill-supplied and ill-trained, while Al Qaeda and the rest of the nutjobs take potshots all they want?"

For the love of God, I think this country (at least half, anyway) has lost its collective mind.

Fuck you people. You keep on with your little game while some of us will sit home and wonder how to slip in bullets with the beef jerky in our next care package, or wonder how we can privately fund our public Army. Fucking bastards, you make me sick!

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