Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Put A Fork In It

Let me explain. I am a Mid-Westerner through and through. I moved to Arizona in '76, and after about 18 years, decieded one day that it was HOT there and moved back home. I NEED my four seasons! Except for the occassionally shitty road conditions, I do not bitch about the cold. I like it! I will not even wear a coat unless it gets colder than 20 degrees or is exceptionally windy. And that all lasts right up until we hit The 'Tweens.

The 'Tweens is that end-of-February-most-of-March time of year when the weather isn't really winter, but it's too early for Spring. Yesterday I got out of my car at work and stepped into slush so deep, it leaked into my boots. This morning I nearly broke my neck slipping on ice. The snow is dirty, the clouds even look dirty, it is a very bleak landscape. The little patches of lawn that peaked through the snow last week were sodden and beaten down.

I would be perfectly happy if we could go right from snowfall and sleigh bells to sunshine and daffodils. Alas, transitions make me cranky.

There. I have now become so boring that I have blogged about the weather. Thank God I don't have a cat.


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