Friday, February 23, 2007

The Joys of Marriage, Or...

Why I May Kill My Husband Over Vegetables.

99% of the time, there is never any conflict over meals at Jackass Acres. I'm a good cook, Old Sarge likes to eat, and things stay pretty harmonious...right up to the point that I try to serve anything other than green or lima beans as a vegetable.

Now, I love almost any vegie. Asparagus is the only one I really object to, otherwise I'm good with anything. But Old Sarge will not eat anything but green beans. Here we live in corn country, and the only way I can even get him to occassionally eat that is if I have (shudder) squeeze cheese for it. It's a Wisconsin thing as far as I can tell, imported by my SIL.

My big unforgivable sin is that one time last year, I put some peas in the tuna casserole. Once. It was met with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and has never been done again. Now, it is the Lent season, and I did not have anything at hand to fix on Ash Wednesday except, you guessed it, tuna casserole. Pea-less, by the way, with green beans and garlic cheese biscuits on the side.

He wouldn't eat it.

Last night, I fixed pork chops, sesame rice and...corn. Which I found delicious.

Tonight, instead of having some lovely talapia filets, he's getting fish sticks and french fries. I think I will treat myself to the beets I put up this summer.

Folks, it is hard to be this nasty during Lent, but my memory is long and my wrath is terrible.


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