Monday, February 19, 2007

Exploder Update

It looks like Old Sarge and I will have a new(er) Explorer this morning. It means an extra two years of car payments that we were not planning on, but all in all, pretty much a lateral move.

Tammi always expounds on the joy of living in a small town, and she is absolutely right- there is no substitute for it. The car dealership I have dealt with for the past fifteen years has one salesman, who is our mayor. He has always been more than fair with us. He brought an Explorer down from their Byron lot, and it was almost identical to what we had. He knocked almost three thousand off the list price (and if you know how car deals work, that is an actual $995 of the bottom line selling price). Our banker, who I went to high school with, was my neighbor growing up and belongs to the same parish we do. Although he is now a vice president, he came in on Saturday to run numbers for us, and gave us the green light on a loan.

I don't think many people outside of a small community would go that extra mile for you if you are in a bad situation. In that sense, I feel very lucky.

Oh, the new ride? 2002 Explorer XLT, has all the bells and whistles the old one had. This will be my fourth one, and I love them. It is also NOT Packer green; I think that may have been bad mojo. I've been driving a Dodge Stratus for the past week and I have to tell you, I do not like driving cars. I can't bend and duck like I used to, so it will be nice to be able to slide straight into the driver's seat again. If I can stop hyperventilating every time I'm behind the wheel, I'll be good to go!


At 2/19/2007, Blogger Tammi said...

Excellent news! Just knowin' you're mobile makes me feel better......

hmmm - I might want to rethink that. ;-) (just kiddin')


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