Monday, February 26, 2007

A Good News and Bad News Monday

I always like to get to the bad news first. A man we have gotten to know through Shayna has passed away.

Eugene was a World War II veteran that lost everything- his family and to some degree, his life. It was an experience he could never escape, fighting a war, then coming home to find his wife and son had left him. Shayna made his life better in so many ways, and because of her, Eugene will never be forgotten.

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Shayna was sweet enough to give Eugene an afghan from me. I really hope it kept him warm.

Now, for better news.

When SGT Hook was deployed to Afghanistan a few years ago, he set up a program to provide shoes to the Afghani kids.

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Sending shoes to SGT Hook was my special project as District President that year, and we were able to send over 800 pairs of shoes that year. Now another group of soldiers is asking for shoes or donations.

If you have some spare dollars, please send to:

Michael T. Larkin
Camp Phoenix, AF
APO, AE 09320

And I’ll go one better! If you live in my area and would like to help get 10-11 boxes of kids shoes to the post office, I’ll buy the adult beverages at the VF*n*W afterwards! Seriously, after we did this project, the shoes kept coming in and I have a bunch of clean shoes ready to go, they just need to be addressed and have the customs forms filled out.


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