Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

Well, this is certainly interesting news.

Fart trapping underwear??

This could change our whole family dynamic! What would we have to talk about during the holidays?

From the testimonials:

"I am a circus performer and for years I have been embarrassed to pass gas on stage. People in the audience sometime thinks its part of the act but it isn't. Because of your wonderful product today my audience laughs at my gags and not my gas." P. Maher, October 7, 2002

I think we would have to pass on this. Discussions of foulness, timbre, probability of-ahem-precipitation, windage and elevation are what keeps this family together. I can’t imagine a night going by without Old Sarge sitting in his recliner exhibiting his most excellent sphincter control.

h/t to SondraK.


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