Wednesday, December 20, 2006


For what, you might ask. There's a pretty simple answer to that.

I'm not exactly waiting for Christmas Day to get here. I have almost all my shopping done; what's left is last minute stocking stuffers and such, just a matter of getting to the store to finish up. Most of the wrapping is done; boxes are sent, (and opened on receipt, darn you Princess!) and I have just a little baking left to do.

But I am waiting. Waiting for the one moment that makes the Christmas season real for me. One year, it was paying for a young sailor's gas as he made his way from Great Lakes home, and he never knew who did it. Another year it was giving a kid bus fare at O'Hare. But this year, I haven't had my spark yet, and I wonder if once again, I'm not looking hard enough...or maybe too hard. I just want to feel that glow that comes from doing the random, the unexpected, the kind act for someone who least expects it.


At 12/23/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I swear they were just poorly wrapped...


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