Wednesday, November 01, 2006

After Action Report- Samhain

I was reading about Bou's boys' Halloween this morning, and she was wondering what we did up here in the frozen tundra when it gets cold. Layers, honey! Lots and lots of layers!

We had decorated our house as a pirate ship this year. Rolls of brown parcel paper wrapped around the porch pillars were transformed into the sides of a ship. Skeletons with black eye patches were swinging everywhere, and of course my beloved skull head tiki torches lit the way up the gangplank. The fog machine was billowing, the haunted house CD was blaring- all good.

My nephews' football team was invited over this year. These boys, mostly 5th graders, not only went undefeated in Jr. Tackle, but never allowed any of the other teams to score against them. These kids are awesome! I hope I am still around when they get into high school. Anyway, the boys all converged on my house and proceeded to climb the maple tree, hide in the bushes and crawl under the porch bench. At any given time, as kids were passing by, the tree would start shaking, someone would jump out of the bushes, or kids would get their ankle grabbed as I handed them their candy. We did have to set the guideline of not scaring the really little kids- one poor little Tinkerbell started crying when Mooch jumped out of the tree and ended up peeing on the sidewalk.

It did get pretty damn cold. I had a propane heater on the porch and was drinking coffee, but still...chilled is chilled. My butt and legs were frozen for hours afterwards.

Next- Hogwarts!!!


At 11/01/2006, Anonymous bou said...

so nobody can really see their costumes then, right?

It was POURING here. Good Grief, it was torrential.


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