Monday, August 14, 2006

First Day

It's a proud day here in Rage World; my youngest is starting her first day of school.

What? I'm too old to have kids starting school?

Not when she's the teacher!

My princess keeps her website locked up, but, if you wish, you can leave a "good luck" message for her here.


At 8/14/2006, Blogger Richmond said...

Oh good luck at school!!

::leaves apple on desk::

At 8/14/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Ma's friends :)

At 8/14/2006, Anonymous t1g said...

Best of luck!!

At 8/15/2006, Blogger Tammi said...

Good Luck to THE Princess!!! She's gonna do great!!!!

At 8/15/2006, Anonymous shayna said...

Good Luck to your daughter...

ALSO... note to you... I went to see Eugene to give him your blanket... WELL... he wasn't home!!! Turns out he was at the local FUMC at a luncheon they were giving veterans in town... SOOOO... I'm going to catch him this weekend and take pics... I PROMISE!!! I feel so bad I haven't gotten it to him as of yet... :(


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