Thursday, February 02, 2006


I'm here, just not making alot of time for reading or posting. I actually have work AT work! Aside from that, I'm catching up on paperwork for VF*nW meetings. I have a District meeting this Sunday- HAVE THEY NO SHAME??- which means a report due on VFW National Home For Children. Ever heard of it? The VFW has a home for children and families in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Awesome place, awesome program. And, General Orders are due soon for Department of Illinois- I'm the Americanism chairman for the state. More writing!!

So if you have the preconceived notion that all folks do in the VF*nW is sit around, drink and tell war stories, you're only partly right.

Side note to Richmond: Respect WAS a much better choice of word, and no, even as Contagion's identical twin, I would wear an arisaid, not a kilt. ;)


At 2/02/2006, Blogger Contagion said...

What's wrong with wearing a kilt?


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