Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Random Ramblings

This morning my thoughts are swirling in the great cosmic toilet of my mind; nothing sticks to the sides of the bowl.
A really good writer might have made a reference to the elusive lights of fireflies. Eh.

I have to bring back a driver on Monday that I absolutely can't stand. He is the biggest slacker, never has a good word to say, doesn't do the job nearly as well as the other two. His reward for totaling his semi last fall? Because of seniority, he just knocked the other, better drivers out of a job since I'm down to one functioning truck. Crap. If anyone would like to get in on the pool, for how long it is until he either has the truck torn up or is out with a bad back AGAIN, let me know.

Heard on the radio yesterday, folks calling in on things kids say. My personal favorite?
"Mom, why do farts smell so bad in the shower?"
A close second might be from our loader operator's son, who has suddenly sprouted pubic hair and wanted to show his grandma.

I try not to include sweets in my daily food intake. It's kind of like convincing myself that I hate to shop, i.e. I really don't have the money. So it is with chocolate- I don't like it because I'm fat. But some sadistic asshole is making me crazy with my Wrinkle Defense in one hand and Clearasil in the other by bringing this obscenely wonderful concoction:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Oh dear Lord. To die for.

We'll be butchering hogs this weekend. My freezers are so full of beef, moose and venison right now I have no idea where I'm going to put all this. But we haven't had homemade sausage in over a year, and I can't say no. I get such a warm fuzzy when the pantry and the freezers are well-stocked, especially since it's food we've "harvested", one way or another. That, and at least a twelve-pack of bathroom paper. I think my siblings and I were all psychologically scarred by the constant lack of ass-wipe that is inherent in really large families, because everyone of us seems to have a year's supply on hand.

Well. Coffee. Now. Have a great morning.


At 1/27/2006, Blogger Army Wife said...

If you need a good head cheese recipe...I got one...I hogs head, 4 lbs of calves liver.....


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