Friday, March 14, 2008

Psst! I'm Still Here!

Hey everyone, I am still here and just got the computer at home working home.

Next goal- get ME working again!

So, yeah, it can be said now, my company was sold to Vulcan Materials last Friday. They kept MOST of the employees. I, unfortunately, was not one of them, and I HOPE it's because their dispatch is done near Chicago and I am, shall we say, geographically undesirable. I could live with that.

I've spent this week getting financial crap in order and just catching up on stuff. I may even clean, heaven forbid! And there is a new granddaughter to fuss over. She was born on Sunday and is just gorgeous.

Honestly, I will be posting more. Next week the laptop goes wireless, and that will make things oh so much easier.

Have a wonderful weekend! I have to get ready for luch with the girlfriends!!


At 3/14/2008, Blogger tammi said...

Thank Gott you posted! I was about ready to drive over that way!!

Sorry about the job, but I think you're's all about location. Trust me. I know.

CONGRATS on the Granddaughter. WooHoo! And how great that you have TIME to spend with them! (funny how that works out....)

At 3/16/2008, Blogger Mrs. Who said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby...better than a job any day.

But hope you find a new job anyway.

At 3/16/2008, Anonymous Bou said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby! Big smooches to her! I love the babies...


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