Monday, September 24, 2007

The Thought Of You

I have been teribly weepy lately. Pre-deployment blues, I guess. But tears seem to find me when I am least expecting them, and I am getting less and less embarrassed about just letting them flow when they need to.

David Ball is, without exception, my very favorite country artist. This song, even though it is a love song, pretty much sums up these little sneak attacks of tears:

Last night after we had taken the granddaughter and Eldest Son to the carnival, we came back to house. I was starting dinner (with much aid of little hands), Son #2 walked in the door, Young SGT called and all was blessed chaos for a bit. Seriously, Old Sarge and I live for the times when the kids are around or call.

So...Young SGT has his orders and his departure date, so we wait. Son #2 swears back in this Friday and will be leaving for Ft. Bragg. Son #4 is still a question mark, although it is WHEN and not IF. Thus goes life in this military family.

Now excuse me, I have to watch that video again...


At 9/24/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you - I love that song...and it fits so many things.

I've got y'all in my thoughts and prayers....daily.

Please know that!


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