Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Required Reading

I found this blog courtesy of Chuck Z yesterday. Don't expect feeling a warm fuzzy when you read what he has to say, but it's important.

This whole Walter Reed mess makes me sick and frustrated. I'm mad at how it was reported, it infuriates me that the situation even exists, and if I hear one more fucking politician pontificate about how bad things are when, excuse ME but who funds WRAMC if not the Congress, well, my head is going to explode. It is ALL of our responsibility to make sure our military guys and gals are being given the best care possible.

Old Sarge just downloaded the entire service officer's manual to help vets navigate the VA system. We are reading it, all 190 pages, so that as these kids leave the DoD system for the VA, we will be able to help. We're also waiting for a response from the VAVS at Madison, WI to find out what we can do to help there. I would really like to hear that the esteemed Senators from Illinois are shutting their yaps for just a minute and doing the same.


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