Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

I haven't seen too much posted about what anyone is giving up for Lent. Myself, I'm undecided as usual, amd will probably start by giving up several things in the hope that maybe I can last 40 days with at least one of them. Just to make it interesting, why don't you leave your suggestions in the comments about what YOU think I should give up? This should be an easy assignment; my vices are legion.

Bloodspite has an EXCELLENT post up today. Please go take a peek- he's got the gloves off!


At 2/28/2006, Anonymous T1G said...

I'm giving up not drinking...

At 3/01/2006, Anonymous T1G said...

You didn't give up blogging, did ya?

At 3/10/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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