Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Of Craftiness and Train Wrecks

Imagine standing on the train tracks, watching the train come straight at you, but you are not allowed off the tracks. All you can do is stand there and wait for it to hit you.

Yep, that's my life lately. One anxiety attack after another. No way off the tracks.

So, in an effort to get my mind off my miserable life situation, I am going to employ my considerable artsy-fartsy talents and get busy. My deep dark secret? I have skills, I have a seweing machine, I can crochet, embroider, cross stitch, paint...well, basically I CAN'T knit. So my hands will hopefully be making beauty out of bad mojo.

One little project I've been prepping for is a heart breaker. Every year for the VF*nW (do I have a trademark on that phrase yet??) posts are asked to make displays out of Buddy Poppies, you know, those little red flowers distributed by veterans. The displays can be promotional, inspirational, whatever. Last year, we did a chest filled with old letters, medals, dog tags, a Bible, etc, and Letters From Home played in the background. This year, I'm making a flower garden. Not to be too enigmatic, but the background research on my "flowers" has been pretty devastating. Pictures later.


At 2/21/2006, Anonymous shayna said...

I hope that your "anxiety attacks" begin to slow down and you can jump off the "train tracks" before the train hits. You deserve to be anxiety free, sweetie!

Let it be known that I think the efforts that you and yours put into the VFW are one of great inspiration and love and so much more. You do good... and I am in awe of your good. I am sure your "flower garden" will be one of great art and honor!

At 2/21/2006, Blogger Richmond said...

I hope that things calm down for you soon!


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