Monday, December 12, 2005

HUNTING Season- Post Scriptus

On Friday we finally got the last of our venison processed. I can't remember ever getting that much yield out of five deer. We made at least 140 lbs. of bratwurst, and I have no idea how many snack sticks and summer sausage we made. Sarge and I also kept 10 lbs. of ground venison for jerky later. So three days of cutting, grinding and stuffing in a semi-heated shed really paid off, but the standing-on-concrete that long- OOOOpphhh!
My brother had been teasing (I thought) that Sunday was the last day for black powder rifles and that he was going out. Despite the collective groan from the rest of us, he did. Last night when we were dropping his boys off, my brother and his wife were just coming in from the field, and I was relieved to say the least that the back of the Artic Cat was empty. Brother thought he had hit something, but there was no blood trail.
So this morning, we had the following conversation:
me: Yeah, what's up?
bro: Hey, I got good news!
me: You saved a bunch of money on your car insurance?
bro: No, I found that deer I shot! A huge doe! Bet we can make another 150 lbs. of brats!!
me: You S%n of a B*@$CH!

So much for Christmas shopping tonight!


At 12/12/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmm venison in ma's stuffed mushrooms.... *drool drool drool*


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