Monday, October 29, 2007

Witches Galore

It's getting closer to our annual Halloween party at Jackass Acres. I was really worried that this year wouldn't be as fun since old Sarge runs Bingo at the VF*n*W on Wednesdays, but he has cancelled it due to the *holiday*. It's cutting it pretty close to the wire for costumes for him, so I am improvising. See, the Granddaughter and I are going as witches. Well hell! I have 2 black capes, 2 black dresses....there are wigs around here somewhere...

We will be big Witch, Little Witch and Transexual Witch, I guess. OS says he's up for anything.

As a side note, we worked the steak fry Saturday night at the Post. Everyone had dressed up for Halloween, and I noticed one of the bartenders who rarely wears make-up was in full clown paint:

RM: Huh. She's even got false eyelashes on. Almost 50, and I've never worn them!
OS: You haven't???
RM: No......have you?
OS: You didn't think since meeting you, those are the only times I've dressed up as a woman, did you?
RM: *blink*
OS: It was a long time ago.


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