Monday, August 13, 2007

Just in case anyone was wondering, my apple butter didn't turn out (I threw it out), my apple cinnamon jelly didn't set (I threw it out), and I spent so much at the grocery store that the steam cleaner will have to wait a few paydays. Pffft!

I'm blaming the humidity lest my reputation as a canning goddess is besmirched.

We went to Savanna on Sunday for a District VF*n*W meeting. It has been way too long since Old Sarge and I have been over that way. (And Young SGT, Mike Ramirez says to tell you hello!) We enjoy it there alot; it is one of the old river towns along the Mississippi. Our new District commander is a tool, though. He just has NO leadership skills whatsoever. He did ask me how Young SGT was getting along, and I told him there was a good chance he may still deploy in November.

Commander Tool: Well, hopefully we will be out of there by then.
RM: You mean you want us to lose?
(Old Sarge is doing the two-step on my instep at this point)
Commander Tool: Uh-uh-uh....
RM: Since I COMPLETELY disagree with that, we should probably change the subject.

When someone can give me a rational response to "And then what?", I'll listen. Until then, I refuse to keep my mouth shut.


At 8/13/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the Apple Butter and Jelly didn't turn out, but I'll share some of my Butter with you.....should be doin' some in the next month.

As for the other? You and I are on the exact same page. Until someone comes back with a reasonable and thoughtful "what then" they will get exactly what I think. Raw and in living color!!!



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