Monday, August 06, 2007

In the Can

I am having a good laugh with Tammi this morning, on what a pain canning can be.

Pain, my ass. Obsession for some of us.

I have spent all weekend fretting because I don’t think I’ll get a second picking of green beans. Only half the tomatoes are producing, and they have to be picked early before they rot on the ground. It has been pretty wet this year, plus the tomato cage has not been built that can withstand Old Sarge’s Killer Tomatoes. We had homemade spaghetti sauce last night that would make the saints weep, it is so good. There are jalapenos and onions to be frozen, and I haven’t even started on my jellies yet. Soon though. I made my first attempts at drying my own herbs this weekend, too. We’ll see how that turns out.

So how does this happen? I have half my pantry and a good portion of another closet full of jars. I haven’t bought green beans or beets in well over a year. I haven’t bought beef in YEARS and very little pork. I’m already rearranging the freezers in anticipation of the Great Slaughter of October ’07.

When did I become the Mother Earth type?


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