Friday, February 02, 2007

A Trivial End

This is it for trivia, and I will even leave the answers in the comments. A co-worker sent this to me and I struggled with it. Let me know how you did!

1. Under what team name did the Bears begin?
2. How much did George Halas pay for the Bears franchise in 1920?
3. What college did Red Grange attend prior to joining the Bears?
4. Soldier Field held the all-time largest collegiate football crowd. How many fans were on hand?
5. Who played in that historic game in November 1927?
6. What was Red Grange’s nickname?
7. The Bears played in the NFL’s first indoor game. Where was it played?
8. Which Bear’s player was NFL rookie of the year in 1961?
9. In what year did the Bears’ “C” logo appear on their helmets?
10. In his rookie season (1965), Gale Sayres tied the NFL record for single-game touchdowns in a 61-20 drubbing of the 49ers. How many did he score?
11. How many times did Butkus make the Pro Bowl?
12. Where did Walter Payton play his outstanding college career?
13. Who led the Bears in tackles in ’85?
14. In what year did Mike Ditka become head coach?
15. The Bears notched back-to-back shutouts in 1985. Who were their victims?
16. What was the final score in Super Bowl XX after the Bears scorched the Patriots?
17. Which extra-large Bear scored three touch-downs in the 1985 season?
18. How many championships have the Bears won?
19. Who did Chicago beat in the “Fog Bowl” at Soldier Field in 1988?
20. Which Bear has been invited to the Pro Bowl the most time?
21. In what year did Walter Payton secure the NFL all-time rushing record?
22. How many games did Walter Payton miss in his thirteen-year career?
23. What is the title of the Bears’ Super Bowl theme song?
24. Brian Urlacher was drafted out of New Mexico in what year?
25. Only one team beat the Bears in the 1985 season. Who was it?
26. The Bears “C” logo is orange today. What was the original color?
27. How many Bears uniform numbers have been retired?
28. What defense was mentioned in the Bears’ popular “Super Bowl Shuffle? ditty?


At 2/02/2007, Blogger ragingmom said...

Answers for trivia:

1. The Decatur Staleys
2. $100
3. Illinois
4. 123,000
5. Notre Dame and Southern Cal
6. The Galloping Ghost
7. Chicago Stadium
8. Mike Ditka
9. 1962
10. six
11. seven
12. Jackson State
13. Gary Fencik
14. 1982
15. The Giants (21-0) and the Rams (24-0)
16. 46-10
17. William Perry, whose primary position was in the defensive line
18. Nine, starting in 1921, with the most recent in 1986.
19. The Eagles
20. Linebacker Mike Singletary
21. 1984, in an October game against the New Orleans Saints
22. One, in his rookie season
23. “The Super Bowl Shuffle”
24. 2000
25. The Miami Dolphins
26. White
27. Thirteen
28. 46 zone

At 2/02/2007, Anonymous t1g said...

Crap. I thought I'd do better than 17. Must not be a serious fan...


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