Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

My weekends are out of control. I have worked more Saturdays this year than the prior ten years. It used to be "Hey, do you need me to come in?" and the reply would be "No, you don't have penis so you get no big overtime." At least that's the way I heard it. Now you'd think it was the End of Civilization if I don't. Ah well.

With my mini Saturday, I did manage to can 5 quarts of sneaky salsa and 5 quarts of spaghetti sauce. The salsa was made with some habaneros and chipotle peppers given to me. You've got a big ole scoop on your Tostito, thinking, my, this has some good flavor HOLYSHITISTHISCRAPHOT!!!!!!! That's sneaky. I was quite skeptical about the spaghetti sauce, but damn if it didn't cook down and taste like....well, you know! I am quite proud of my food preservation efforts to date.

On Sunday we went to the annual VF*n*W picnic. Old Sarge and two of my nephews run the kids' fishing derby. All went well until the younger nephews got a treble hook embedded in his knee, and damned if any of us could get it out. Off to emergency! Unfortunately, my brother and sister-in-law had taken the opportunity to get away for the afternoon, so it took awhile for us to get Jake looked at. Poor kid, atleast they saved his lure intact.
We met afterwards back at my brother's house, where he proceeded to call damn near every member of our immediate family to inform them that we had willfully and purposely maimed his offspring. Thank God I was drinking enough beer at that point to have a sense of humor. We are warped, every last one of us. My mom gets in the act, calls my brother-in-law, who is the kids' football coach, and says Jake just got out of the hospital and will miss football for a month. Said brother-in-law calls my brother in a panic, finds out as usual we are taking things to an extreme, and many "fucking assholes" are exchanged.
The funniest part of the evening is when my brother's neighbors stopped by. We are all sitting outside by the gargage. One of the neighbors is sitting on the grass by the boat. I think I have mentioned that the menfolk in my family aren't too house trained. So of course, instead of walking all the way into the house, my brother and my husband are relieving themselves outside. On the other side of the boat, since there are ladies present. Well, first my brother goes, then Old Sarge, then my get the picture. After a few hours of this, the neighbor is wondering if the dew is falling early because his britches are getting damp. He must not have noticed that the boat was on a slight incline, and he was sitting downhill.

And how was your weekend??


At 8/21/2006, Anonymous shayna said...

I miss my granny's can goods... my hubby's dad only makes tomato juice... I can't drink it... the acid breaks out my mouth... WOW! I'm rambling...

BTW... How is Old Sarge's *ahem* itchy area??? :)


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