Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What In The HELL update

HOLY SHIT! There IS going to be demonstration! Of the fucking anti-immigration and white pride variety!

I have a link to the website, ( I checked it out so you don’t have to ) so this is for real. I won't link it, but it can be found at stormfront dot org under forum.

I am befuddled at the moment….


At 7/13/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all I saw was the logo "white pride world wide" and promptly got disgusted. I guess it's not so surprising given the small white rural community. I hope it all gets resolved! (you know us in the PHX suburbia HOOD repreSENT!)

At 7/13/2006, Anonymous shayna said...

Well... I grew up in the birth place of the KKK... so... needless to say I grew up with KKK and skin head parades... FINALLY a few years ago my hometown ran them out and they have not returned. Which is wonderful because my hometown is an awesome town... and these men/women gave it such a bad name!


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