Thursday, July 13, 2006

What In The HELL Update II

Just dying for details, aren’t you?

According to the paper and local gossip at the gas station this morning, a group called Aryan Anarchist Skins is going to be holding this “rally” at the courthouse on Saturday afternoon, with a barbeque to be held later at Lowden State Park. Also in attendance to counter protest will be the Black Panthers, and members of the Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas- Fred Phelps’ whack jobs- although no one is quite sure why they are coming. ALSO in attendance is the State Police SWAT team, FBI and God knows who else in law enforcement, including snipers on the roofs. Apparently someone posted on one of the websites advertising this…event…to come early and kill a cop.

Who says nothing ever happens in a small town?

From my comments “I guess it's not so surprising given the small white rural community.” Well, yes, it IS pretty surprising, actually. This area has always attracted migrant workers due to having canneries here. It’s not huge, and it’s not really a problem. Heck, we even have a Spanish Mass now. But in most respects, this is about as close to Mayberry as you can get.

All this HAS made me think a little more about illegal immigration, since this is allegedly what this whole fuss is about.

I don’t give a rat’s ass.

Now before anyone starts aiming both barrels in my direction, I want to make it clear that I make a big differentiation between illegal immigration and border security. I think people should be in this country legally. I know millions are not. Maybe that guest worker program wouldn’t be a bad deal. I don’t’ know, but I just can’t get my knickers in a twist wondering if the guy pouring my coffee at the restaurant is here legally or not. Breaking our laws- bad thing. Trying to survive- I understand that.
Border security, on the other hand, Can’t get enough of that. Because as easy as it is for somebody to get in that just wants to work, it’s just as easy for someone with bad intentions. I guess that’s my solution in a nutshell- let the workers in and get them legal, and make it hell to pay getting in any other way.

Damn, that’s just genius, isn’t it?

OH, and yes, Old Sarge and I will be downtown on Saturday. It isn’t every day the circus comes to town.


At 7/14/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

take and post pictures please!

At 7/14/2006, Blogger Mrs_Who said...

Ditto that about the pictures.

At 7/15/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen... damn border state. Make half AZ's population legal!!

can i get a hoo-haw 2-time tuesday?! (sorry random)


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