Friday, April 21, 2006

I noticed...

...that I actually have to WRITE something for folks to leave comments. If that's not genius, I don't know what is.

The truth is, between my 60 hour a week job and feeling like dog crap, I don't have alot to say. But I will entertain you with what Old Sarge and the Toxic Twins (oh yeah, Beer Wagon made it in from Georgia last night- two 26 yr. olds back home!)have to look forward to when I get home:

My back yard & patio-
There are piles of leaves, twigs & branches that desperately need burned all over hell. There is a riding lawn mower that does not run that has sat in front of the garage for 3 years; it has all sorts of crap accumulated under it. There are wood scraps and nasty paint brushes on the ground. There is a broken push mower between the house and garage. Weeds are more plentiful than stone in the driveway. There is a fuking refrigerator sitting outside the garage. And on and on and on....

It ends tonight. And God help anyone who defies me....


At 4/22/2006, Blogger garfield said...

good luck with that!!! if you run out of outdoor stuff, there is still a basement.... :)


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